The best ecommerce personalisation solution for Shopify – PureClarity

PureClarity’s all-inclusive ecommerce personalisation software extension for Shopify allows users to create the ultimate online personalised shopping experience for their online customers. Shopify’s recommenders and personalisation tools work well. However, to take personalisation and therefore cross sales, increased average basket value and general on-site revenue to the next level, PureClarity offers Shopify-approved additional functionality, all available from the Shopify app store.

So, what is PureClarity

PureClarity gives your Shopify store an amazing advantage over your competition.

PureClarity includes a wide range of ecommerce personalisation and customer engagement features which ensure your customers online journey is personalised to them, maximising conversion and creating customer loyalty.

At the heart of PureClarity is its big data collection engine and machine learning algorithms that predict your website visitors’ likes of products, categories and brands based on similar users’ behaviour in real-time.

PureClarity analyses visitor behaviour on three different levels, the individual, the customer segment the individual belongs to and the website overall, presenting highly targeted, personalised real-time product recommendations, banners, promotions, pop-ups and live chat experiences.

How to increase online sales

All PureClarity features are designed to maximise response, and ultimately to boost your bottom line.

Integration and set up

PureClarity is extremely easy to integrate into Shopify with our approved plugin that seamlessly links your store to PureClarity.


Starting at £299 pcm, our competitive fixed pricing works on a rolling monthly contract so you know exactly what you’re paying each month. There are no hidden charges and no set up fees and we only charge for your usage of the platform based on monthly page views. There are no commission fees on the additional revenue you earn on your site. We offer a 30-day free trial with full usage of all features.

Customer Support and Onboarding

We take your online growth very personally. We support all our clients through the onboarding and free trial process ensuring that PureClarity starts to deliver great results from day one. Once you have PureClarity set up you can be rest assured that your customers will be buying more and spending more. Let the AI do the work for you.

Our Customer Success Team will provide you with insights and make recommendations on how you can get the most out of your online store on a regular basis. We pride ourselves in our 98% client retention rate which is testament to both the results they are seeing and the service and support they receive.


Sign up today for your 30-day free trial and we’ll send you all the information to get started with PureClarity on the Shopify ecommerce platform.